About Us and Our Personnel:


We offer your Child:

a safe and peaceful environment in a country setting, far away from negative city influences.

highly-qualified and motivated teachers with a low learner-teacher ratio.

a disciplined environment with compulsory afternoon study that is supervised.

hostels supervised by caring sleep-in staff.

nutritionally balanced meals and snacks (on-site bakery)
extramural activities which include swimming, soccer, netball, cross-country, chess, debating society, media club, science club and choir.
recreational facilities which include a pool table, table tennis, finger boards and an indoor swimming complex.

We offer you:

Unparalleled value for money.
the peace of mind of knowing your child is well taken care of and receiving an excellent education in a safe and happy environment.
You are most welcome to speak to our Principal or any of our teachers.
Contact us to arrange a visit – we’d love to show you around!
You can also browse the photo Page for a virtual tour of our school.
We offer you the following Subjects:
Grades 1–3 (Foundation Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 4–6 (Intermediate Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 7–9 (Senior Phase): Outcome based education.
Grades 10–12 FET – Further Education and Training.

English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Life Orientation are all compulsory subjects.

Learners must choose one subject from each of the following groups: (Grades 10-12)


Our Principal, School Manager and Office Personnel:

  Melinda Swart
Owner and Manager
  Louise Einkamerer

Hendrik de Bruin
Human Resource Management

Concetta Boshoff
    Jacobi Steenkamp
Rebé Swanepoel
Senior Management Team
Hondo Madanire
Senior Management Team
Judith Nyatsvimbo
Senior Management Team
Helen Olieh
Senior Management Team
  Lyffet Ncube
Senior Management Team

Our Teachers:

Dorah Khosa
Gr 1,2,3 English, Afrikaans
Mathematics & Life Orientation
Crisendo Steenkamp
Gr 3 English, Afrikaans
Mathematics & Life Orientation
Rohan van Zyl
Gr 4,5,6,7 Mathematics
Florence Alwewi
Gr 4,5 Social Sciences
Gr 4 Life Skills
Naomi van Bosch
Gr 4,5,6 Natural Science & Technology
Gr 7,8,9 Technology
Gr 8 Social Sciences
Antjie Wentzel
Gr 4,5,6 Afrikaans
Gr 6 English
Margret Dakwa
Gr 7,8,9 English
Gr 9 Social Sciences
Laetitia Mubiala
Gr 7,8,9 Creative Arts
Gr 7 Social Sciences
Gr 10,11,12
Ronel Roux
Gr 7,8,9,10 Afrikaans
Nhamo Chakandidano
Gr 7 EMS, Natural Sciences
Gr 10 Mathematical Literacy
Gr 10,11,12 Business Studies
Judith Nyatsvimbo
Gr 8,9,10,11 Mathematics
Lyffet Ncube
Gr 8,9 Natural Sciences
Gr 10,11,12 Physical Sciences
Helen Olieh
Gr 8 Economical MGT Science
Gr 10,11,12 Economics
Gr 10 Accounting
Rebé Swanepoel
Gr 10,11,12 English
Gr 11,12 Afrikaans
Innocent Katuma
Gr 10,11,12 History
Gr 10,11,12 Geography
Hondo Madanire
Gr 10,11,12 Life Science
Gr 11,12 Mathematical Literacy
  Collin Chiremba
Gr 5,6 Life Skills
Gr 6 Social Sciences
Gr 7,8,9,10,11,12 Life Orientation

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